Visit Bangkok

Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, is famously known as a travel hot spot and hub for the majority of commercial and economical proceedings.

Covering over 1,500 square kilometers in Central Thailand, Bangkok holds 12.6% of the country’s population – adding up to a population over 8 million.


The ‘City of Angels’ possesses a variety of fascinating attractions:


  1. The Markets

Markets are very popular among the locals. This is definitely a site that will give you more of an authentic feel for what the common lifestyle is like.

Though they may lack air conditioning, these markets offer wide range of products that differ from your typical markets. You will have access to delicious foods not offered in most restaurants and items that are unique and unusual at value prices.

  1. Nightlife

When it comes to nightlife, Bangkok can easily accommodate to your party needs. You may have heard some rumors about how rowdy things can get. Some will notice the portions to be a lot larger than most.

  1. Thai Cuisine

There is a great appreciation for food in Bangkok. From home-cooked meals to fine dining: Bangkok offers it all.

  1. Outdoors

Bangkok has exceptional golf courses available at a moderate price – Of ‘course dress code still applies.

Consider other activities like hiking. Take advantage of the change of scenery.

There are plenty of breathtaking parks scattered around Bangkok where you can indulge in traditional park activities such as: having a picnic, taking the children out to play, walking your dog, etc.

  1. Shopping Malls

If you are into malls, there is a mall to accommodate for every type of shopper. You will find high fashion, trendy accessories, specialty stores, bookshops and more. With a simple layout for easy navigation –Bangkok is, indeed, a shopper’s paradise.

  1. Buddhist Temples

Filled with much culture, their temples are not only a fascinating religious spectacle – but also an artistic masterpiece of architecture.

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