Thai new year – Songkran at hooters Phuket

Thai new year – Songkran

Thai new year or Songkran festival is great fun wherever your are in Thailand,
Songkran is the Thai new year, don’t get it wrong, in Thailand you can celebrate western new year or Chinese new year as well. But the Thai New year is the most fun dough, make sure you are prepared to get wet.

Traditionally Songkran is known as Thailand water festival, the original celebration for thai people is to sprinkle water over their close friends and relatives for good fortune in the year to come and pay their respects Buddha. Songkran is normally celebrated for 3 days starting on 13th of April. Where the second day of the festivities is called family day exercising the importance of being together with family and close friends.

Hooters Phuket

Hooters is world famous its wings, beers and iconic Hooters Girls, Hooters came to Phuket about a year ago and is its first in Thailand. Normal days in the week and in the weekends, Hooters is a great place to stop by before a night out or have some snacks and drinks. I must say there is always a great atmosphere in Hooters, and the entertainment is great.

Hooters & Songkran – Thai new year

This year during Songkran, I have decided to head off to Hooters for thai new year, the biggest water fight in the world and Hooters, can’t be too bad right :).
The day started out early around 11 am, it wasn’t too busy yet but the atmosphere was great.
As the beer kept coming I made some video’s during the day for you to enjoy.
I can tell you, next year if you would happen to be in Phuket, head off to Hooters Phuket during Songkran, great fun 🙂

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