Old Phuket Town

Old Phuket Town

The old town of Phuket – Thalang Road

The old Phuket town has been claimed as Unesco heritage site along with a large restoration and improvement plan in Thalang Road.
The main and historical part of Phuket old town is Thalang road. This road has preserved the most distinguish Sino Portuguese houses. And it is the most popular street in this area. Thalang road and the little Soi Romanee are considered to be really nice to wander around by lots of tourists. In addition of that, you will also find many other hidden

China Inn
“China is now a real nice and newly transformed house from an old one. The refurbishment still maintain the old style but with a fresher sense when you visit.
Phra Phitak Chyn Pracha Mansion now houses one of the most famous Thai restaurant in the world “Blue Elephant” This house used to be a house for traders and it was deserted for many years before was brought to life once again. There is a bunch of stories and history behind this wonderful restaurant mansion…

China inn phuket town

Around Thalang Road
This renovated old street is very famous for photo shooting from the noticeable Shino Portuguese houses to the old styled shops such as the old Chinese pharmacies or hair salons that make you feel like being in the 60’s again. You will be so busy taking pictures but please note that most of the buildings here are privately owned and people are trying to do their business than welcoming photographers. So you might be kicked out of their front door!
There are also lots of both traditional and modern restaurants and coffee shops along Thalang road. You will definitely have a good time walking around this fascinating street.

Raya House, is a place you definitely have to try its food. This old-fashioned house owned by two old ladies who serve delicious Thai food. This place has never been renovated and you can be assured of the good old style which will bring you back the memories of the past. Nowadays, this gem is becoming very popular. Don’t miss the signature dish ‘yellow curry crab with rice noodles’.
The traditional roads and the old town of Phuket hosts many festivals throughout the year and it can get so crowded once in a while. You will enjoy a variety of street food during the festive time.

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